We've matched 230+ high school seniors with 100+ undergraduate mentors from many of the world's top universities. This ranged from Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, UPenn, UC Berkeley, USC, UCLA, and more!


Emma Quinn | BEAMer

"My mentor has been great! She's always down to help me with my essays and answers me quickly about questions I have regarding the application process!"

Jigyasa Jain | BEAMer

"My mentor is amazing! He is so helpful, and he literally gives the best advice. He really explains everything in detail to me so that there is no confusion or anything."


Meet a few mentors from our network of 100+ undergraduate students from across the nation!

Sophie Lian

UC Berkeley '22

Era Dewan

University of

Pennsylvania '24

Ben Rapp

New York University '22

Sophie Lian

UCLA '24

Melanie Tan

University of British Columbia '23

Allison Westley

University of Southern California '21

Miryam Rudolph

Duke University '23

David Zhou

Georgia Institute of Technology '21

Veronica Wu

Northeastern University '24

Aashni Patel

Ohio State University '24

Jackson Paul

Teju Calambakkam

University of

Washington '22

University of South

Florida '24

Faith Nguyen

University of Southern California '24

Angelus McNally

Santa Clara University '22

Chrissy Diec

Santa Clara University '22

Ceclina Cao

Brandeis University '22

Eunjoo Jung

New York University '22

Sanzida Sultana

New York Institute of Technology '23

Will Gerardo

UC Berkeley '24

Sarah Wu

Amherst College '24

Isabel Abonitalla

Hunter College '21

Tawny Hawthorne

Syracuse University '24

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